Since December 2013, Four Best Management Inc. performs timber harvesting on private woodlots of northwestern New Brunswick. The operations are linked to a forest management plan, the company conducts management work that maximize owner's incomes while ensuring the long-term productivity of the forest areas.

Four Best Management offers a complete range of services to woodlot owners, beginning with the completion of a field survey, the preparation of a management plan, operations planning, road construction, implementation and supervision of the harvesting and silviculture treatments, the marketing of products, monitoring, etc.. Four Best Management may even offer tailored services to its customers, such as financial planning of timber harvesting incomes for retirement.

Benefits to choosing Four Best Management

• Effective and transparent professional service, promoting the involvement of owners ;
• Performing high quality work;
• Implementation of treatments based on a forest management plan tailored to your requirements;
• The use of appropriate equipment for the prescribed treatments;
• Market access for all tree species, even some generaly non-commercial species;
• Possibility of transporting products by rail to reduce transportation costs;
• We can perform reforestation if natural regeneration is insufficient;
• Your productivity woodlot is maintained or improved;
• Compliance with laws and regulations in place

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